Locked Out

From the American Federation of Teachers (with whom we are affiliated):

The administration of Long Island University is marking Labor Day with an unprecedented lockout of full- and part-time faculty at its Brooklyn campus who have been engaged in a hard fight for a fair contract since spring.

LIU’s administration has told the hundreds of members of the Long Island University Faculty Federation (NYSUT/AFT) that they are barred from the university’s campus as of 12:01 a.m.this morning. Their pay is being stopped. And yesterday afternoon, they received notice that their health insurance will also be cut off this morning—with less than a day’s notice.

Tell LIU’s administration to end the lockout and bargain with our members now.

In labor history, lockouts are also known as “employer strikes.” LIU has chosen the weekend when Americans reflect on the importance of the labor movement to strike against LIU’s faculty—and against the 8,170 students on LIU’s Brooklyn campus. LIU plans to redeploy administrators and hired strikebreakers to teach these students when classes begin this week.

Tell LIU’s administration to let its faculty return to work, restore their pay and benefits, and settle a fair contract now.

In unity,
Jessica Rosenberg
LIUFF President