Stay Away from the Hilton Albany!

The housekeepers, banquet & restaurant workers, bell persons, front desk agents, engineers, and other employees at the Hilton Albany are asking us to honor their picket line and boycott their hotel.

Hilton Albany management is insisting on:

  • Elimination of employee retirement plan
  • Cutting vacation benefits
  • Taking away paid days off for grieving the death of a family member
  • Being able to send staff home after only three hours of work

… and  refuses to agree:

  • To give a fair wage increase
  • Not to discriminate based on gender identity or expression, marital status, and political beliefs
  • To pleas for safeguards against rodents and vermin in the hotel

The Westhampton Library Staff Association stands in solidarity with the workers at the Hilton Albany, and are helping spread the word about the boycott to our members and to the general public. To learn more, visit their website, linked here.