Barker Public Library Fire

On Sunday, January 20, there was a devastating fire at the Barker Public Library, in Barker, NY which is in the Nioga Library System. There were no injuries but the entire building was lost.

Buffalo News Article

A statement from the Barker Public Library:

“At approximately midnight on Monday, January 21, 2019 we were informed that there was a fire in the building the Barker Public Library shares with the Village of Barker. Unfortunately, the entire building and all contents were a total loss.

The Board of the Public Library along with Director Lisa Thompson would first like to thank the Barker Fire Department and all of the assisting departments in their efforts to save our building. The conditions in which they tirelessly worked were nothing short of horrendous. We would also like to thank the Barker community for the outpouring of support and offers of assistance. At this point we are working on setting up operations; please be aware that we are thankful for all offers and allow us some time get organized and we will proceed from there.”

Should you prefer to donate to the library, they have established a GoFundMe page – Baker Public Library Benefit Page