National Library Workers Day

national library workers day

In case you don't know the background of National Library Workers Day, on January 25, 2003, an ALA resolution was proposed (bold is my emphasis): That in order to recognize the hard work, dedication, and expertise of library support staff and librarians that the Tuesday of National Library Week be designated National Library Workers Day; … Continue reading National Library Workers Day


Intellectual Freedom: Why I am Keeping Seuss Books

Some of the criticisms leveled at Seuss include the fact that 98% of his books were dominated by white males, or that many of his “foreign” characters display typical stereotypes. This is absolutely true but looking back in time when I first started teaching in 1967 this was true of most books. I know because … Continue reading Intellectual Freedom: Why I am Keeping Seuss Books

Opioid Overdose Resuscitation Training

A number of our members have been trained in the administration of intra-nasal NARCAN. Given by SCLS, this training is designed for non-traditional responders and meets New York State Department of Health requirements that include recognition of opioid overdose, administration of NARCAN, and steps to take until EMS arrives. Our staff association fully supports these … Continue reading Opioid Overdose Resuscitation Training

WHAM Staff Association Celebrates National Library Week

The Westhampton Library Staff Association is supporting the ALA's National Library Week initiative this week. Head to your public, school or academic library during National Library Week to see what's new and take part in the celebration. Libraries across the country are participating... read more...