Over a century ago, the Westhampton Free Library opened its doors with one mission in mind: to serve the community for which it was created. Over the years, the patrons and staff have come together to create an institution that is an integral part of that community. In that same spirit of collaboration the employees of the Westhampton Free Library have now come together to form a union so that we can continue the work we love. We hope to join our voices with the administration in partnership and good faith to determine fair and just wages, benefits, and a safe, secure work environment that reflects the teamwork that is at the heart of what makes this Library unique and beloved by patrons and staff alike.

The Westhampton Free Library belongs to each and every one of us in this community. With the respect and security this union affords, we look forward to many, many more years of being part of our great Library.

Established August 21, 2015