We Have a Contract!

Last month the union negotiating team and the library board team finalized a tentative contract. Our staff union voted last week to ratify this contract. Tonight the library board did also. The final signatures will be added tomorrow, November 16. We look forward to working with management to create a safe, secure work environment with fair and … Continue reading We Have a Contract!


Locked Out

From the American Federation of Teachers (with whom we are affiliated): The administration of Long Island University is marking Labor Day with an unprecedented lockout of full- and part-time faculty at its Brooklyn campus who have been engaged in a hard fight for a fair contract since spring. LIU’s administration has told the hundreds of members … Continue reading Locked Out

Rebuilding School & Classroom Libraries in Louisiana

There are a number of funds set up to help rebuild the libraries in Louisiana, destroyed due to the recent flooding. Two to consider are: Rebuild Tanglewood Library American Association of School Librarians And check out Trey Veazey’s blog posting requesting help (he is a full-time librarian & literacy specialist at Glen Oaks Park Elementary … Continue reading Rebuilding School & Classroom Libraries in Louisiana