Speak up for School Librarians!

For the first time in years, there is an active bill in both houses of the New York State Legislature - help us gather as many co-sponsors for these bills as possible! Add your voice of support for Assembly bill A.2444 introduced by Assemblymember Solages, and Senate bill S.2421 introduced by Senator Kaplan, that would ensure every student, and … Continue reading Speak up for School Librarians!

Opioid Overdose Resuscitation Training

A number of our members have been trained in the administration of intra-nasal NARCAN. Given by SCLS, this training is designed for non-traditional responders and meets New York State Department of Health requirements that include recognition of opioid overdose, administration of NARCAN, and steps to take until EMS arrives. Our staff association fully supports these … Continue reading Opioid Overdose Resuscitation Training