Intellectual Freedom: Why I am Keeping Seuss Books

Some of the criticisms leveled at Seuss include the fact that 98% of his books were dominated by white males, or that many of his “foreign” characters display typical stereotypes. This is absolutely true but looking back in time when I first started teaching in 1967 this was true of most books. I know because … Continue reading Intellectual Freedom: Why I am Keeping Seuss Books

Barker Public Library Fire

On Sunday, January 20, there was a devastating fire at the Barker Public Library, in Barker, NY which is in the Nioga Library System. There were no injuries but the entire building was lost. Buffalo News Article A statement from the Barker Public Library: “At approximately midnight on Monday, January 21, 2019 we were informed that … Continue reading Barker Public Library Fire

Opioid Overdose Resuscitation Training

A number of our members have been trained in the administration of intra-nasal NARCAN. Given by SCLS, this training is designed for non-traditional responders and meets New York State Department of Health requirements that include recognition of opioid overdose, administration of NARCAN, and steps to take until EMS arrives. Our staff association fully supports these … Continue reading Opioid Overdose Resuscitation Training

Teacher Arrested for Questioning Superintendent Contract

When the staff is sacrificing for years, management should not be rewarded to their exclusion. A Louisiana teacher who stood up at a school board meeting and asked why the superintendent was getting a raise while educators and support staff were not was ejected from the room by a marshal, handcuffed on the floor and … Continue reading Teacher Arrested for Questioning Superintendent Contract

Executive Board Election

The Westhampton Library Staff Association had its biennial election last month and chose a new slate of officers. The executive board for the upcoming two year term will be: Susan Berdinka, President Nola Thacker, Vice President Mara Zonderman, Secretary Rachel Mayo, Treasurer/Membership